Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck


Currently, I am sitting in a cabin at the Haukland Beach in Norway. Besides the missing C in Haukland it’s a great place. We needed a while to get here, it’s

Processes are executed by humans

When something goes wrong, you should figure out why it went wrong. Not to blame someone, but to avoid it in the future. In many cases, this means adjusting a process that avoids

I won’t write a book

Instead, I will write multiple books. That's the short version of this newsletter. Since October, I have released multiple versions of my crash course, teaching new managers essential skills to run their team.

Start with trust

Trust – A big word, hard to get, easy to destroy, and impossible to restore. At least if you listen to the majority of people. At the same time, trust is the foundation for

Make your team successful

To perform well, a team needs to know its purpose. * Why are they here? * What’s the plan? * What’s the goal of the company? * Where is their place in that soup? Besides