1on1 sessions

Need help with your team of managers?

Want to talk about career options or learn more about people management?

Teamwork makes the dream work.
Photo by Dylan Gillis / Unsplash

For all of these cases, I offer personalized advice through 1on1 sessions.

That can be single sessions for one particular issue or multiple sessions to work through a career transition.

How much is it and how does it work?

A single 1-hour session is 89 €. If we decide to work together on a longer basis, prices may differ.

After paying the fee I will send you a booking link.

How I may help you?

  • Personal development
  • People management
  • Time management
  • Self management
  • Productivity advice

Why I can help you?

With more than 8 years into people management and dozens of managers that I have coached, I know what makes a decent manager.

From small startups, to international corporations. From first-line management, to managing managers. From a little rut, to real personal challenges. From day-to-day work, to business strategy, I am the right person to talk to.

Yes, this is tough. But since I have tried and tested every productivity method under the sun, I can give you the essentials on how to stay productive and sane.