Emotions and Vulnerability in Managers

Week one is done. What do I have to show?

Not that much, at least it doesn't feel like much output.

The First Interview

I had my first interview on Saturday with Charli Marie. She's the Creative Director at ConvertKit. We had a great conversation about her management journey. We talked about journaling, and time management, and more, also what showing emotions and vulnerability has to do with being a good manager.

My goal is to have one interview per week. This number can increase, but first I also want to get used to it.

Some Love for the Blog

Plus, after going from the launched YouTube video to my website, I realized the landing page is not very helpful. I put a little more text there. But still, there is some work to do with the newsletter and so on. The website needs some love next week.

Reverse-Engineering Habits

When I started this project, I made a list of habits that I need to get in place to be successful as a "public author".

Two of them I currently work on:

  • capturing
  • sharing

Both go hand in hand. If I want to share stuff, I have to capture stuff.

I am not only talking about B-roll for this video, but also daily updates for social media to reach more people who are potential readers.

There is definitely room for improvement on both sides. I have started to share thoughts on Twitter and LinkedIn, but there is more to it.

It's not about self-esteem there. I believe there is enough noise on these platforms and I don't have to add it to it as well.

That I have to overcome. My content should be signal, not noise, and therefore be valuable.

What's next?

As I am planning many interviews, this takes quite some back and forth to organize everything. Calendly is a great helper there, still, I need to balance everything with my job.

Lately, I am also more active in a management community and want to do the same for a writing community. I must think about how to manage that, to not suffer from community overload, but still provide and get value from them.

I think that's already enough for the next week to focus on. I am doing my best to also capture a little more.

See you next week!