First-Time Manager

A field-guide for new managers that have been thrown in the role, with no real knowledge, but aiming to do it right.

That's the scope of the book I am working on.

I am writing this book in public, meaning I will regularly report my progress on YouTube in the form of short videos and in a weekly newsletter.

Want to follow me on my path?

The Qs and the As

Where can I read the book?

I will be looking for beta-readers in a couple of months, if you are interested in that subscribe to the newsletter. All the details will be put there.

Do you need help?

Definitely. If you are a manager (novice or expert) and want to share some stories, feel free to reach out here.

What else do you plan?

I am currently thinking about doing some live writing sessions. But I also must admit I first need to get more comfortable in the process of sharing stuff again.

You can also stay follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.