History of this blog

History of this blog
Photo by Ravi Pinisetti / Unsplash

Since I first got to know what a blog is, I basically always wanted to have on. And since I am about 18 years old, I have this one.

For me a personal blog is like an extension of myself. It's something living, it changes over the years.

Since 2011 this blog exists in on or another way and I want to keep this page for me and you that we have an option to understand how this blog came together as it exists right now.

Before 12/2021

This blog started as a very typical personal blog, with some photos. Then in 2013 I turned it into a kind of tech blog and wrote a lot about system engineering and how to certain things on linux.

Also 2015 was the first time I received quite a lot of hits. One post went nuts on hackernews about how to show your calendar in the terminal. This did a lot to my brain and I thought about other blog projects and how to make a living with them. They were all centered around tech and none of them really worked, because I didn't really put in the effort that would have been necessary.

At the same time I switched my career direction more and more towards being a full-time manager, which put tons of other topics in my bucket list to learn and write about. So the blog went from tech-centric more towards mindset centric.

This worked partly, but it left me with the dilemma, that I am in today. The whole motivation behind the blog began to fall apart, there was no clarity at what this is anymore.

After 12/2021

I call this version of the blog 2.0. It's a more thoughtful approach with a lot more clarity and thinking behind what's happening here. There is a lot more background to it than before.

To fully clean-up with history and have a clean slate in front of search engines, I also started with a fresh domain (as I am still getting a lot of hits from tech-centered posts).

With the name DHCK, I came up thanks to Paul Jarvis blog or online handle. It's basically the first letter of my first name (Daniel) and my last name (Hauck) without any vocals.

It's shorter, sounds cooler (at least I think that) and maybe easier to remember. Let's see.

As I mentioned in the beginning, a blog is a kind of living extension of oneself. If this is true, then there should be a little help for the reader to find their way around it.

Again, this extension is living and breathing and things can and will always change. And I also learn a lot of new things, actually every day. So if there is something on my blog that either doesn't age well, or where I just changed my mind, I will delete it, and that happened to quite some articles.

Other articles instead will be rewritten or will receive updates with new things that I have learned.

Not the end

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