Meeting people, Modern Management Workshop, and admin work

In the past two weeks, the book itself didn’t get too much attention. That I had expected.

In the first week, I was in Frankfurt with my team, where I met most of them for the first time face-to-face. It was a great time and also my workshop about modern management went quite well.

I didn’t plan anything for the project at that time. Instead, I focused on conversations of having to be somewhere else. It paid. I could build great connection, and I could also figure out some topics that were are currently missing in my book.

Things like admin topics I haven’t covered so far. It’s definitely something you need to address when becoming a manager. In some companies more, in others less.

Last week I had to do lots of the admin work myself. Plus, I used the time to reflect on the week before.

Other than that, not that much did happen around the book. That will change the next week. I have planned to digest the interviews again, revise the book content and scope, and plan the next steps.

That’s already it for this week. See you in the next update.