The rabbit hole of online writing and other updates

The rabbit hole of online writing and other updates
Photo by Benoit Beaumatin / Unsplash

I know I have a weird relationship with update videos and posts.

I always ask myself if it’s important or interesting enough.

And suddenly four months are over without any update and a lot to talk about.

Let’s get into it.

The rabbit hole of online writing

In former updates, I complained about not posting on social media and failing to build an audience. Because it doesn’t help if I write a great book and no one buys it.

So, after the last update, I went down the rabbit hole of online writing. I learned how to build a routine and maintain a steady output.

That worked until recently.

I posted “something about management” every day. But that wasn’t really fulfilling and I was missing the purpose and the connection to my book.

But the online writing rabbit hole also had an answer for that. The answer had the name Dan Koe.

While other names in the “online writing game” focus on short-form content, Dan goes a step further and produces meaningful long-form content. The same thing I was looking for.

After going through his 2-hour writer course I figured out my way of working on the book while maintaining my online writing.

That is also how we will continue in the upcoming weeks. I want to take apart one topic of the book per week.

The research I will share here and on social media. And the results will make it into the book.

This may sound like a short conclusion. But looking at the time since the last update, it took me a while to figure this out.

To be clear: I am not there yet, there is still a lot to learn for me. I am improving and figuring out this format as we go.

The crash course

Besides posting stuff on LinkedIn and Twitter, I also worked on a crash course for managers.

It was planned as an online event, but it makes more sense in written form.

It’s a mini version of the book and equips you with the essentials for becoming a good manager.

You can get it here.

The next iteration maybe will have an audio and video version as well.

Interview with Maria from the Agile State of Mind

When I started my book journey, I wanted to get some perspectives on management. I reached out to managers and leaders from different industries to get their opinion.

One of those leaders was Maria. She is running the YouTube channel “Agile State of Mind” and is also the Head of Agile Practice at Fyllo.

She did her series of interviews on the topic of Engineering Managers.

So, when she asked me if I would like to wrap up the series with her, the answer was clear.

Without more spoilers, here is the video:

That’s it

This was more of a “meta” update on how I will be continuing here.

The next issue will be about communication in your team, as this is the topic I am about to take apart.

Have a great week!