Some Interviews and Progress on the Blog

Welcome back to the update after week two.

I am happy with this week's progress. I got three interviews done which had a major impact on the table of contents.

Again I bugged a creator that I am following for years. Paul Minors is a productivity blogger living in New Zealand. I had to get up at 04:30 AM to chat with him, but definitely was worth it.

We talked about setting the right expectations, especially when you work with people out of your network or friends. If you clarify that upfront and reflect together on it regularly, you create a productive and fun environment for everybody.

Another topic where we can learn from Paul is to set up systems that support you and your team. He is using many templates in his workflow that make sure his team delivers high quality (but also knows what high-quality means).

I had another great interview with Dana. I met her in the Management 3.0 community. We talked about what it means to bring your whole self so work, which means even as a manager, you need to be authentic.

I undoubtedly need to get better is sharing my work. But that’s nothing new. I am trying to figure it out ;)

Now to the blog. I wanted to include the videos and made a component for that, which I not only can use as a “video block” (like here), but also into of the feature image on top.

I am still not done with the blog, I want to make the newsletter integration more prominent. That’s something for another day.

That’s it for the week. It was fun, I made some progress. Subscribe to follow me on my journey and I see you next week.