The table of contents is ready, and I've overbooked myself

June is crazy. In a good way. A lot is happening. But I must also admit I underestimated the influence it has on my book project.

I’ve given several workshops, interviewed some people, started the onboarding for several new managers. All of that is quite time-consuming.

Let’s get to the book. Through all the input, I have reorganized my table of contents into something that looks decent.

That’s also what I want to share today. I only will be giving you the chapter titles (or the promises), as the rest is still moving a lot.

  • Welcome to your new career: Stop, breathe, take the time for the transition
  • You and your team: How to deal with your team and individuals inside it
  • Help your boss manage you: The relationship to your boss is important, take care of it
  • Beyond the team: Build valuable networks in- and outside your company
  • How to stay sane: The titles says it, how to organize your schedule and your work and stay sane
  • Reflect and iterate: This is only the start, how to improve yourself constantly by reflecting on your actions

Does that sound good? If you are interested in taking part in the interviews or having a chat, feel free to [contact] me. Any assistance is appreciated.

If you are missing the preface, appendix, and so on, they are left out on purpose for now. I want to focus on the content first.

This is already the end of the update, but I would like to talk about the idea of infinite games again.

I have overbooked myself.

In a workshop, I told my new managers they need to learn to say “No.” That was a good reminder for me. I canceled some obligations to be able to focus on my job and on this project.

Focus on what’s important for you.

See you in the next update.