Currently, I am sitting in a cabin at the Haukland Beach in Norway. Besides the missing C in Haukland it’s a great place.

We needed a while to get here, it’s about 2300 kilometers. It took us a week to get here with multiple stops in Oslo, Stryn, and Mo I Rana.

I had time to think while driving. In Norway, you are allowed to go 80–90 km/h, which isn’t that fast for a German Autobahn guy.

A lot of the thoughts were about the business that I am currently building. Through the past months, I learned a lot. And I took hard decisions, like taking the blog offline for a while, as I required the domain for the business that I am building. I also stopped any other online activity, like writing on Twitter and LinkedIn.

This was necessary to focus. And I still need that focus.


In the past update about the blog, I mentioned a blog as an extension of oneself – and I still would call it like that.

And while thinking about it, I started to miss that blog, and surprisingly other people missed it too. At least some resources and lists that I had here.

So, I had to bring it back – but different.

Now what?

I won’t make any big announcements, that’s what I learned from the past. But I made some clear decisions – this blog is its own thing.

It’s not a business.

It’s not a newsletter.

It’s not an online course or lead magnet.

It’s a blog in the most pure sense.

It’s my hobby, it’s the thing that I love to do.

It’s a way to express myself.

And there is no intention to earn money with it. Sure, there will be links here and there to my business. But only as part of a usual post or on the about page.

Topic will remain mostly the same: Updates, learnings, philosophy, leadership, …

I also want to use it as an external brain – for lists of books or other things you should consider.

And that’s all there is to say. This blog is here to stay.